Saturday, July 3, 2010

How much can I earn with Google Adsense?

Well, before you question yourself how much you can earn with Google Adsense, ask yourself the following questions first:

How much do you want to make?
How hard do you want to work?
How much time to you spend working?

The answer to the above questions will form the answer to your question "How much can I earn from Adsense?"

There are so many factors which effect your earnings with google adsense.

  • The number of visits to your blog every day. It is a significant factor in determining your blog's earnings. The more the number of visits, more are the chances of you making making good money.
  • Your blog content is another factor in determining your blog's earnings. If your site is about anything popular (music, sex, whatever) you're bound to get a lot of banner clicks. These have a coefficient associated with them, called the CTR (click through ratio).
  • Basically, what it translates to is that if a large proportion of your site's visitors click the ads you'll be making more money. And the best way to do this is to have some popular content in your site, ensuring the links direct users towards popular items as well.
  • Placements of ads is another factor. Placing ads at the top portion of your website/blog makes them visible for your visitors without them having to scroll down. So, they would be interested in clicking on the ads.
  • Start building keyword-rich pages containing well researched, profitable keywords, and get lots of high quality links to your site.

As with any other business, sky is the limit. Work hard. Work smart. Have fun.

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