Thursday, May 27, 2010

Make Money sharing your photos on Shareapic

Do you know you can make money by uploading your pictures to some website? Most of us upload pictures to Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Flikr etc. These are just to share your photos with your friends and family. They won't pay you anything for uploading your pictures. Here is a great website, Shareapic, that pays you for uploading and sharing your photos.

What is Shareapic?
Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host their images on its servers. Shareapic has a unique revenue sharing model that compensates users for directing their friends and family to see their hosted images which makes it different from the rest. When a member hosts a gallery, they can then show this gallery to others. Each time this is done, the member is paid.

Shareapic does not condone the use of its service for adult content. It does not condone the use of its service for the posting of copyrighted content. Any user who does not abide by these rules will be banned, have their accounts deleted and remaining payments removed.

How to earn with Shareapic?

There are 3 ways one can earn money with Shareapic.

  1. Image Views: An image view is when a user clicks on an image to be seen. Shareapic pays $0.22 per 1000 image views. The number of image views is tallied on a daily basis by unique users. For instance, if you have an image and it is clicked on ten times by the same users it will only be calculated as one image view for that day. Although, if the same user views that image another day it will total two image views. 
  2. Bidvertiser Ad Code: This is a cool option that Shareapic offers for its users. You can place bidvertiser ad code to your images. When a user clicks on the bidvertiser ad, you will be paid. 
  3. Referring others: If you own a website or a blog, you can promote your Shareapic galleries and invite your readers to join Shareapic. Each time you refer a user, you will earn 10% of their image views forever.

Shareapic offers link codes of your pictures. So you can post your pictures' links to Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Orkut and more.

How much can you earn?
Earnings vary each month based off the amount of income Shareapic generates from advertising. Once this number is finalized a percentage of that is distributed throughout Shareapic members depending on how many image views they have accrued. Currently they are paying $0.22 for 1000 image views.

For example, if in month one Shareapic calculates to distribute $1,000 to its members, it will first tally up the total number of image views for that month. Using these two numbers they can determine the respective payouts for each user. If there were a total of 500,000 image views for the month, image views will equate to $0.002 each (1,000 divided by 500,000), or $2 per 1000 image views. If you're posting lots of pics in forums, MySpace or eBay, you can see how easy it is to earn quite a bit of money!

How does Shareapic pay?
Currently, all payments are sent via PayPal or various gift card methods Shareapic offers (these are listed on the front page of the site and given as options when you request a payment.)

When does Shareapic pay?
Shareapic pays out within 30 calendar days as long as your account balance is over $20.00. One of its main goals is to keep a consistent payment schedule and pay out users as fast as possible.

Register today at Shareapic and start earning.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Syndicate your blog with Feedburner

So now you have a blog and you want some visitors to your blog. You can syndicate your blog to grow your blog visitors. One of the best ways is to use Feedburner.

Feedburner is a great way to syndicate your content and get more people to read what you write. Feedburner offers a bunch of different services to help you build awareness of your content, keep stats on who is reading and even will help you with ways to monetize your blog.

Highlights of Feedburner:
  1. There are a lot of tools to publicize your blog.
  2. It allows you to automatically add links to social bookmarking sites like delicious, digg etc. 
  3. Provides email subscriptions to ypur blog.
  4. Traffic analysis and statistics.
  5. And much more.

Find out more at Feedburner.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Make Money with Google Adsense

I talked about starting a blog in my previous post. After you successfully set up your blog and posting regulary, you can now start thinking about making money through your blog.

I'll introduce you in this post how you can make money with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense:
Google Adsense is one of the most popular forms of advertising on websites/blogs. Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website/blog publishers to earn some money by displaying targeted google ads on their websites/blogs. Google AdSense automatically matches the best possible advertisements with your blog content which makes the ads relevant to your content. You'll be credited when your site/blog users click on the ads on your pages. In order for Google Adsense to work better for your blog, you need to have rich content and good traffic.

How to start?
1. Go to Google Adsense page
2. Please read Google adsense program policies before applying for an adsense account.
3. Fill the application form given.
4. Google takes some time to evaluate and follow-up with you through an email.
5. If you are accepted, login to your account and generate adsense code for your website/blog.
6. You can select the code from many different layouts.
7. Paste the code into your website at the appropriate places.
8. You will be given a unique adsense publisher id. Keep it safe as Google may ask your id at some point of time later in the future.

Payments are generally monthly by either check or electronic funds transfer. You'll be paid when your earnings reach $100.

Important Note: Do not click on your own ads. if you do so your adsense account will be disabled and all your earnings will be gone.

Keep in mind that these programs may or may not work for everyone. Don't expect to get rich quick with blogging. You need to put a lot of work in the initial stages of your blogging as it makes it easy for you later. Lot of people quit blogging after doing it for sometime thinking that they are not making any income. It takes some time to earn good money. So, don't give up.

I'll let you know other methods as we go on...
Happy blogging :)

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make Money Blogging

One of the popular ways of earning money online is by blogging. For a beginner, the following questions arise.

1. What is blogging?
2. How to start blogging?
3. How to start making money with blogging?

1. What is a Blog?
Blog or weblog is simply a website maintained by an individual who updates it frequently. This blog can be about  anything  from his personal life to a whole range of subjects. In starting days, people used these blogs as diaries. But now, many blogs talk about a particular topic, such as technology, sports, politics etc.

2. How to start blogging?
Choose a topic you want to use for your blog. This is an important step. There are some blogging providers like Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal etc. Choose one among them. Take Blogger for example. Create a blogger account. Name your blog and choose a template. Start posting your views, ideas on the topic you chose. Remember to update your blog frequently. Share it with your friends and publish the blog to blog communities.

"Ways to make money with blogging" in the next post.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Get Paid for your reviews and opinions

Online surveys:
Many people are attracted by these paid online surveys in recent times as they can make money working from home at the place and time of their comfort. As you know, product development, shipping and its marketing etc cost companies some money. They want to know what people think about their products or services. These companies contact some online paid survey sites for conducting some surveys so that the companies can get feedback from the users to improve and customize their products and services.
these survey sites pay the users some money for their opinion.

How to start?
1. Find a suitable online survey program and register with that program.
2. Make your profile which consists of basic information about your interests.
3. If these sites find you eligible, they send you surveys.
4. Some surveys are small and some surveys are long. You will be paid based on the survey type.
5. You need not pay any amount to join them. If they ask you to pay some amount to join, please try to avoid them.
6. Make your opinion count and get paid.

Read and rate articles:
Do you like reading books or articles and wish there is way you can earn by reading? There are some programs which offer you a few bucks for reading and rating the articles.
All you have to do is:
1. Sign up with a good program that offers money for reading and rating articles.
2. Select the type of articles you want to read and review.
3. You will be displayed some articles for reading and reviewing when they are available.
4. Read them and rate them. That's it. You will be credited for doing so.

Paid to write product reviews, paid to read books and write review etc come under this category. Find the one that best suits you and get started.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make Money with Pay Per Click programs

Pay-Per-Click(PPC) or Paid-To-Click(PTC):
Pay-Per-Click(PPC) or Paid-To-Click(PTC) is an internet advertising model which is used on many websites. The advertisers pay these websites only when their ad(s) is/are clicked. So, these webistes which host the advertisements of the advertisers pay the users who join their website and click on their advertiser's ads. These websites display ads in many formats like text links, banner ads etc.

I'm not going into full details(like how these programs find advertisers etc) of PPC marketing as you don't need all of that information to earn money using PPC programs. Refer for full details.

As a user who wants to earn money using PPC programs, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

1. There are lots of PPC/PTC programs on the internet. Select one to start with.
2. Register to the PPC program.
3. Click the ads that are displayed to you(You must click only one ad at a time) and view a webiste for a certain amount of time(mostly 30 secs to 1 minute).
4. You will be paid for each ad you viewed.
5. As a free user, you will be given only a few ads to click. If you want more ads to click, you need to upgrade your membership to premium which costs you some money. As you are here to earn money and if you are willing to invest some, you can always start with a free membership. Wait until you get some money and then upgrade your membership if you want.
6. Be patient as it takes some time to increase your earnings with PPC programs.

Note: Not all PPC programs pay you the same amount to click on ads. The amount varies from program to program.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Programs discussed till now

I started this blog with the intention of sharing some ways to start earning money online. So far, I have discussed some of the programs you can get started to make some money.

1. Making money with Paypal: To earn money with Paypal, all that you have to do is to already have an account(business account) at Paypal and refer others to join Paypal. Once your referrals start sending or receiving money you will earn some commission.

2. Making money with Geostring, which generates cash for the length of your string of contacts and their contacts. The key to making money here is to increase your string length. Once you register an account at GeoString, they give you $10 instantly credited to your account. Go to , register a free account, get yourself credited $10 instantly, start spreading the word to your friends through all the possible ways like emails, social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut etc and start earning some cash.

3. Making money with Clicksia, a pay-per-action site that pays its members for doing different tasks. Register here to start earning with Clicksia.

4. Making money with Buxlife, a pay to click site that pays its members to click on some websites. Register your free account now at to start earning with Buxlife. It has some nice features like traffic exchange which will be helpful if you have your own website/blog.

5. Making money with digital photos.

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Earn Money as a Freelancer

Are you good at writing stories? Or, Are you good at programming? Or, Are you good at web designing? Ok..let me come to the point. If you are good at anything and have a very good experience in that field, then you have great opportunities to make money as a freelancer.

What is freelancing?
Freelancing is providing content for a client/website. A freelancer is a content provider for clients/websites. The content can be an article, a short story or any audio/video etc..You can even write software programs. You can design a web site for your client.

Read the full article here.

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Ways to make money online

The number of people using Internet have been growing tremendoulsy. Of these people, most of them use internet aiming to make some money online. Many people dream about making money online and think that it's very diffcult to make money online. But I don't think it's as diffcult as they think. It gives personal freedom as you need not work with a fixed schedule. You can do it at your home, at your convinient time.

Well, you have to start somewhere. There are a few ways everyone can follow to make some real good income. You can choose any of those according to your interest.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Free Lancer
  • Pay Per Click or Paid to Click programs
  • Blogging
  • Email Reading
  • Online Survey
  • Opinion Writing or Reading and reviewing articles
  • Paid to Surf
  • Online business
These are some of the ideas.. I'll update this site with new ideas as they come.

Read the full article here.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

18 Reasons Digital Photography Makes a Great Home Career

With jobs becoming increasingly hard to find and difficult to keep, many are looking for ways to earn money from home. Digital photography is an excellent way to work for yourself and make extra - or even a full-time - income at home.

If you're interested, download this free report called "Make Money with Digital Photography."

If you're still undecided, this might change your mind. Here are 18 reasons why digital photography makes a great home career:

1. Minimum equipment required

To make money with digital photography, all you need are: a digital camera, a computer, and Internet access. In fact, you may already have all three.

2. No need for special training

Anybody who can take decent pictures can make money by selling digital photos. You don't have to have formal training, or so many years of experience. You can be young or old, male or female.

3. Low start-up costs

Aside from the equipment required, you don't need to make any other investments. This means you can get started immediately.

4. No need to leave home

If you like, you can do sell digital photographs completely from home. Yes, that includes taking photographs.

5. Money in your hard drive

You may already have pictures in your computer that you can sell right away. In fact, you should begin with those.

6. Make money when traveling

If you like to travel, you can make your trip pay for itself by taking pictures on your trip and selling them online.

7. Location independent business

You can have sell your digital photographs from anywhere, as long as you have your equipment (see number 1). This means you could be a nomad and still make a living.

8. Flexible hours

Work when you want, as much as you want. Do it full time or part time. It's up to you!

9. No need to build websites

Although you'll be selling digital photographs online, you absolutely don't have to build a website - unlike other online marketers.

10. Stock photo sites do the marketing for you

You don't have to do any marketing, either, because stock photo sites do it all for you. All you have to do is take high-quality photographs. (More on that in "Make Money with Digital Photography."

11. No fees to sell online

You don't have to pay any fees to sell in stock photo sites. It's completely free to become a member and start selling your photos.

12. No need to set up a shopping cart

Again, stock photo sites take care of processing payments for your photographs. You will have to be able to accept payments from stock photo sites. A PayPal account should be enough.

13. Enhanced creativity

This business forces you to become more creative, such as in the way you choose the subjects of your pictures, to how you edit them.

14. Sharper photography skills

You have to improve your photography skills if you want to succeed in this business. The longer you keep at it, the better you'll become.

15. Build your portfolio and expertise

Selling digital photos online helps build your reputation as a photographer. You can easily build a portfolio based on your best-selling pictures.

16. Profit from passion

You can easily combine this home business with a hobby or special interest you have. Because of the wide range of subjects that are in high demand, you don't have to take pictures that you don't care about.

17. Steady demand

As more and more stock photos are sold and bought, the demand for fresh photos increases. Marketers always want unique pictures for their materials, which further increases the demand for more digital photos.

18. It's profitable

Because of low overhead costs, it's easy to earn a full-time income from selling digital photography. University students are doing it, stay at home Moms are doing it, and you can do it too.

However, you have to know some insider secrets. Which types of photographs sell easily online? How do you avoid legal problems? How do you work with stock photo sites? How can you sell more photos?

You'll find the answers in "Make Money with Digital Photography." It's completely free, so go and grab it now.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Earn Money with Buxlife

Buxlife is a new PTC(Pay To Click) site. It is the first international site to pay in Euros. Standard Members can earn up to 0.02€ per click and up to 0.01€ per referral click (50%).

There are various tasks you can do to earn money using Buxlife. It pays you for viewing the websites(paid to click), for signing up at websites(paid to signup) and for reading emails and viewing websites.

As in Clicksia, Buxlife has also 'Click Exchange' feature.

If you have a website, the click exchange allows you to click for unique traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will receive a 5/4 ratio, meaning you will get 4 unique hits to your website for every 5 links you click.

Register your free account now at

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Earn money with Clicksia

Clicksia is a pay-per-action membership site that pays its members for doing different tasks.

As a member of Clicksia, there are a few ways one can earn money. You can earn money by clicking on some links, by singing up for the offers provided on the site. Another interesing idea I like in this site is that if you have a website, you can earn credits to have your site surfed. To earn these credits, you have to surf other sites for a certain amount of time.

Clicksia pays you the most when you signup for the offers provided. It pays you $.01 per offer. It pays you $.01 to $0.05 for clicking on links and visiting their advertiser websites. You can request a payout at only $1 which is a good thing for many guys.

This site seems to be a legit one. It has been there for a long time.

Start earning with Clicksia. Register here.

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More Tips for Turning Your Photos Into Cash

Last time, I gave you the 5 steps you can take to make some extra cash this Christmas. If you followed those steps, then you're on your way to earning money with your digital photographs online - if you haven't already.

This time, I'd like to give you 3 additional tips to help you sell more of your photos online. Do these steps after you're absolutely sure you have exhausted all the photos you already have in your hard drive.

These tips will help you grow your online photo catalog and discover how to provide the photos that online buyers are really looking for.

1. Take photos of yourself.

It can be tricky to take pictures of people, because you need to be covered legally. So the easiest human subject to photograph is... yourself. You can get specific tips for doing this for profit from this no-cost report, "Make Money with Digital Photography."

2. Take photos of objects in and around your home.

Another fast and easy way to get photos to sell online is to simply shoot objects inside or around your very own home. Publishers are always looking for photos of ordinary objects, office equipment, and whatever else you have lying around the house.

3. Find out what pictures people are looking for.

Learn how to do keyword research so you'll have a good idea of which photos are in high demand online. A quick Google search will lead you to good tutorials for doing keyword research. You can learn this in under half an hour.

Follow these additional tips and you'll soon be enjoying a nice passive income from your digital photos - not just this holiday season, but for many months to come.

For more detailed guidelines, make sure you read this f-ree report, "Make Money with Digital Photography."

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Make Extra Money for the Holidays: Turn Your Photos Into Cash

Do you max out your credit cards during the Christmas holidays and spend the new year paying them off? Here's a better idea: raise extra cash for the holidays and actually have the money to celebrate and enjoy the season.

I've got a solution that's easy, fast and - don't worry - it's perfectly legal and legitimate. The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be raising your holiday funds. What's more, this method will keep the extra cash coming in for months, even years to come.

I'm talking about turning your digital photos into cash. That is, sell your digital photos online through stock photo sites. It takes a minimal amount of time to get set up, and then it's a matter of adding pictures to your collections and tweaking them to sell more photos.

Here's how you can turn your photos into Christmas cash:

1. Sign up for free accounts in stock photo sites, if you haven't done so yet.

Make a Google search for stock photo sites, and sign up for those that allow photographers to sell their photos online. Make sure you can register for free, and read and re-read the terms of use to make sure everything's acceptable to you. You'll want to steer clear of sites that require you to pay for registration, or to give the copyright of your photos to them.

2. Look for sellable photos in your hard drive.

You probably already have sellable photos sitting in your hard drive right now. Organize your photos a folder. To find out which photos sell fast online, check out this free report called "Make Money with Digital Photography."

3. Prepare your photos for selling.

Your photos may require a little polishing to turn then into best-selling gems. Use your image editing software to make your photos professional quality.

You'll also want to tag your photos with appropriate keywords. To learn why keywords are important and how to find the right keywords, read your copy of "Make Money with Digital Photography." It's free.

4. Make a list of additional photos you can take right now.

As you read "Make Money with Digital Photography," you'll get ideas for more types of photos you need to be selling right now. Make a list of photo subjects you can take pictures of right away, to build up your catalog of in-demand photos.

5. Promote your photos.

Let everybody know that online photos are available. Send links your friends, family, clients and social networking contacts.

As you can see, it only takes a few hours work to start making extra cash for the holidays. In fact, some digital photography enthusiasts do this to earn a full-tim income.

To find out how to make your digital photos profitable, get your free copy of "Make Money with Digital Photography." In this report, you'll learn:

- What you need to know about making money with stock photo sites

- Four tips for creating photos that others are eager to buy

- Tips and tricks to draw more traffic to your photos online

- Four in-demand subjects you should be taking photos of

- How to edit your photos so you can sell more of them

Click here to download your free report right now.

More, on making money with your digital photos, to follow.....

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