Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to succeed with Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a great way to make extra money. It's very easy to use. If you want to get success with Google Adsense, it's very important to follow the rules as Google is very serious about the integrity of this program. If you don't follow the rules, you could end up with your Google Adsense account being terminated.

Following are some important Dos and Don'ts for using Google Adsense.


  • Content is the main part of your website or blog. Make sure that your website or blog content is unique and original. This will increase your visitors.
  • Read and understand the Terms and Conditions and Program Policies thoroughly before you begin using Adsense.
  • Explore everything you can about Google Adsense. Visit other blogs/websites that are using Adsense. Learn from their experiences and mistakes in using Adsense. Post a comment on their websites to know their experience.
  • Use right keywords for your articles.
  • Placing of google ads means much more to the website or blog owner. The ads must be in the top portion of your blog or website which makes them easily visible for your readers without them having to scroll down.
  • Learn how to optimize your site for the most enjoyable and profitable Google Adsense experience.  Realize it does take some time and hard work. That's why it's so important that you write about something you care about.  Hard work is even harder if you don't like what you're doing.
  • Change the ad layout and notice which layout works the best for you.  There are many different layout options and there's no way you can know going in which one will perform the best.


  • Don't ever click on your own ads.  Google Adsense makes it very clear this won't be tolerated.
  • Don't ask your friends and family to click on your ads.
  • Don't use automated click programs.
  • Don't use robots to clicks your ads.
  • Don't use illegal content on your webiste or blog.
  • Don't participate in the Google Adsense program strictly for the money. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take time and hard work to make a profit.
  • Don't worry if you don't understand everything the first day. Although the Google Adsense program is extremely user-friendly, it may take a little time to integrate all the facets of the program.  Be patient and above all, have fun!

I hope these tips are helful for you to succeed with Google Adsense.
Share your experience with Google Adsense in comments.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

10 Important Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting Photos to Stock Photo Sites

A quick and easy way to make money with your photos is by submitting them to stock photo sites online. You can start earning money with the photos that are already in your hard drive; you don't even have to take new photos right away.

This article is the continuation of my previous articles "Make Extra Money for the Holidays: Turn Your Photos Into Cash", "More Tips for Turning Your Photos Into Cash" and "18 Reasons Digital Photography Makes a Great Home Career".

If you want a step-by-step guide to monetizing your digital photos through stock photo sites and other ways, check out Turn Your Photos Into Cash.

Meantime, you can get started right now. But do make sure you don't make these 10 mistakes when you submit photos in stock photo sites:

  1. Submitting low-quality photos. Don't waste your time and energy. Nobody wants blurred, under-exposed and other types of low-quality photos.
  2. Not doing keyword research. The right keyword list can make or break the profitability of your photos.
  3. Submitting photos that you don't own. You can get into real big trouble for doing this.
  4. Submitting photos of people without a "model waiver." Know when you need a model waiver and always get one when necessary.
  5. Submitting photos of objects owned by other people without a "property waiver." This is another legal requirement you should be aware of to avoid future headaches.
  6. Submitting photos that don't meet the stock photo site's standards. You may think your photo is perfect but each site has its own standards, including minimum size, etc. Double check before submitting.
  7. Submitting photos that have unwanted elements. Some items are simply unacceptable in photos. Find out which ones they are and either edit them out or avoid them altogether.
  8. Submitting photos to stock photo sites which require exclusive contracts. Don't submit to these sites.
  9. Submitting photos of mundane objects. Why bother when demand is low and they're all over the web already?
  10. Submitting over-edited photos. Over-editing can drastically reduce the quality of your photos, causing them to be rejected.

If you want more detailed guidance on submitting to stock photo sites, I recommend Turn Your Photos Into Cash. Aside from making money on stock photo sites, this fact-filled Ebook teaches a number of other ways to turn digital photography from a hobby to a home business - a profitable one at that.

Click here to find out more about Turn Your Photos Into Cash.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What will you do for $10?

I found this cool website called Tenyt which is very intriguing.

So, what is Tenyt?
Tenyt is a freelance marketplace. Services offered by sellers on tenyt are referred to as twigs. Prices of twigs are fixed at a constant $10. Sellers can create twigs that they are willing to offer for $10 and list them on the marketplace, buyers can browse through the twigs listed by sellers and order twigs of their interest. A feature rich order message board has been designed to aid in communication between the seller and buyer. Any disputes with the seller can be filed at the dispute resolution center and the buyer will be refunded if the seller has not delivered as described.

How to sell on tenyt?

  • Start selling on tenyt by listing your first twig by telling "what will do for $10?".
  • Once you list the twig it would be available to the buyers.
  • Once a buyer orders your twig, you would be requested to accept or reject the order within 24 hours.
  • Once you accept the order the order is marked as in progress and a message board is opened to aid communication and sharing of files with the buyer.
  • Once the order is completed the buyer is given 24 hours to review the order and leave a feedback.
  • You are then requested to leave a feedback about the buyer.
  • Once you leave the feedback the order is marked as completed.
  • After a safety period of 14 days from the date of payment by buyer your account is credited with $9.
  • You can request a withdrawal to your PayPal account once your account balance is $40.

Is there anything else?
Yes, another cool thing is that you can refer new buyers to tenyt and earn 2% of every service the buyer orders for life.

A few example twigs:

  • I will make a web banner for you for $10
  • I will turn your lame resume into a masterpiece for $10
  • I will turn an image to a cartoon look-a-like for $10
  • I will design a vector style logo for $10
  • I will design logo for your company for $10
  • I will be your personal designer for 1 hour for $10
  • I will advertise your business for 1 month on one of my two viral youtube videos with a link and slogan for $10.

Overall tenyt is a great place for selling and buying small, interesting and creative services and a great place to have fun. Be a part of tenyt, start listing your twigs on tenyt today.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

How to promote your blog using Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. There are ways to increase your blog's visibility using Facebook. I found the following ways to promote my blog using Facebook.

  1. Your profile is the most visited part, related to you, on Facebook. So, don't forget to add your blog url to your profile.
  2. Publish your new blog post links on your wall regularly. Try to publish the links of your best posts only instead of each and every post link.
  3. There are many application on facebook that can be integrated with your profile. Use some applications that can promote your blog. NetworkedBlogs, SociaRSS, Simplaris Blogcas are a few of them.
  4. Join relevant groups and pages on the topic of your blog content and share your blog links there.
  5. You can make your own pages about your blog and promote them. Whenever you publish a new post, it will appear in your Facebook profile. For this to work, you have to do the following after creating the page.
    1. Go to the “notes” tab at the top of the page.
    2. Select “Import A Blog” in the Notes Setting section.
    3. Enter the url of your blog and press “Start Importing” button.
    4. Facebook will import the content of the RSS feed for you to preview. If everything looks OK, then go ahead and press the “Continue” button. Your RSS feed will now be automatically imported into your “Notes” section.
    5. You can link this page to your twitter account.
  6. You can advertise on Facebook with a small investment.

Do you have other ideas on using Facebook for promoting your blog? Share them here.
Connect with me on Facebook.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to promote your blog using Twitter

Twitter is fast becoming a great social networking site as many celebreties are posting live status updates about them. People are very interested to know what their friends and favorite personalities are saying. This would be a very great place for promoting your blog. Follow the steps below to promote your blog/website using Twitter.
  1. Register your account at Twitterif you don't have an account at Twitter.
  2. Post tweets(status updates) about your blog regularly. Tweet length must not exceed 140 characters.
  3. Make sure you have a compelling title for your tweet.
  4. The best way to tweet is to ask a question followed by your post link.
  5. Syndicate your blog posts using TweetFeed.  Twitterfeed will automatically posts updates to your Twitter account.
Do you have other ideas on using Twitter for promoting your blog? Share them here.

Follow me on Twitter.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

How to promote your blog using Orkut

Hope you enjoyed my previous post on how you can promote your blog using social networking websites. I am going to talk about using Orkut to promote your blog.

Orkut is the most popular social networking site in Asia, especially India. It has some nice applications to promote your blog. Following are the ways you can promote your blog/website using Orkut.

  1. You can keep your blog links in your profile.
  2. Update your status with the links to your blog posts.
  3. Post your blog links to different forums and communities on orkut which are related to the content of your website.
  4. Orkut has a great application called "Promote".
    1. Go to the application. You can find it at the bottom left side menu on your profile.
    2. It's very easy to create a promotion for your blog here.
    3. Enter the tile of your blog in the 'title' field of the application.
    4. Enter some descripton along with your blog link.
    5. After adding different elements to your promotion, the preview box will update to reflect your changes.
    6. When you are satisfied with your promotion, click create promotion.
    7. If your friends like your promotion, they can promote it to their friends and so on.
    8. You can track your promotes. You can see the level it got promoted, clicks, howmany users sent it to trash. Also you can stop or delete promotion from it.
Do you have any other ideas on promoting your blog/website using Orkut? Please share them here.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

AdvertiseSpace Contest! - Win over $1450 worth of FREE Advertising

If you have a blog, this is a great opportunity for you.

AdvertiseSpace has launched their first big free advertising contest and have a bunch of sites each with their own contest. You can enter as many contests as you like and can potentially win multiple contests, so there are lots of chances to win.

Here is AdvertiseSpace's Own contest:
Prize #1 & #2
- AdvertiseSpace Blog – Win one of two 125×125 banners for one month. $1000 value!
Prize #3
- Win a 125×125 on any site in our Tech Category - (Up to $100 max.)
Prize #4
- Win a 125×125 banner on any site in our Gadget Category - (Up to $100 max.)

How to Enter our contest?
Anyone can enter and it is easy as leaving a quick comment on AdvertiseSpace's blog.
+1 Entry = 1 comment
Earn Extra Entries:
You can earn extra entries by doing the following. You must leave a new comment on their blog for each task!
+1 Entry = Follow @AdvertiseSpace on Twitter
+1 Entry = Sign up to our newsletter (Wait for the Pop-up on this contest page at their blog)
+2 Entries = Blog about this Advertising Contest (Leave the link in another comment)
+1 Entry = ReTweet this blog post by hitting the ReTweet button on the post.
+1 Entry = Tweet about this Contest:
I Just Entered to Win over $1000 of Free Advertising! @AdvertiseSpace #contest #giveaway
(Or rewrite your own description, but be sure to include link and @Advertisespace)
You may tweet about this giveaway up to five separate times on different days, for a total of 5 additional entries.

Contest ends June 23rd, 2010 at midnight EST.
A winner will be selected at random using and announced on AdvertiseSpace blog June 24th.

Good Luck!

Visit this link for more information on this contest.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Promote your Blog

After successfully creating a blog, all you need to do next is to promote your blog. Why would you want to promote? The whole purpose of your blog is to make money by promoting various affiliate products or putting some advertisements or anything else that earns you money. What good would your blog do if no one visits your blog? That's why you need to promote your blog, to get more and more visitors to your blog.

So, how can you promote your blog? Well, there are numerous ways to promote one's blog/website. One of them is social networking.

If you are not sure what these social networking sites are and how they work, these online social networking sites are like online communities. These websites give internet users an easy and safe way to come together and connect with new people especially those that you have something in common with.

There are many online social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Twitter, FriendFinder, LinkedIn and Yahoo! 360 with over many a million members with a large user base of professionals, bloggers, internet marketers etc.

As everyone who uses internet are on any of these social networking sites, I hope that you are already a member of a popular social networking website. Well, you may not be. If you are not already a member, but would like to become one, you will need to choose a social networking website from the list above to join. Add your friends to your network if they are already there or invite them to join your network. Connect with other like-minded people in the community.

When it comes to promoting your blog on social networking websites, you have a number of different options. Your first option is to include a link to your blog in your community profile or profile page. This will allow other community members to checkout your blog, only if they wish to do so.  The other way is to inform your online friends of your blog through private messages. Once you join a social networking website and create or join a network of friends, you should easily be able to communicate with those friends.  Sending each of your friends a private message with information and a link to your blog tends to be more effective than just placing a link in your profile or on your profile page.

If you are using your blog to make money with advertising programs, such as affiliate programs or Google Adsense, you may need to approach social networking websites in a different matter. As you  are not focusing on  a particular product or service, you will need to approach these websites as if they were personal websites.  Let's say your blog discusses how to stay healthy, it would be a good idea to state in your profile your love and interest in being healthy. After doing so, it would be acceptable and not necessarily considered spam to add a link to your blog.  Social networking websites should help to increase the number of page views your blog receives. More page views mean more clicks which means money for you.

PS: There is one social networking website that is entirely different from the ones mentioned above. None of the above mentioned social networking sites pays you for your activities on the webiste. But SWOM does. It is a social networking website that pays you for your activites on their site. I strongly recommend SWOM as it has also a great potential for driving visitors to your blogs/website/affiliate-links. Know more about SWOM here.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

How to Make Money with SWOM

Most people spend most of their time on social networking these days. Even I do spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. These social networking sites have become so popular that more and more people are getting attracted to them. But how many social networks pay you for your activities on their sites? None of the above mentioned sites pay you. But SWOM does. SWOM stands for Super Word of Mouth.

For those of you who don't know what SWOM is, it is a social networking sites for home-businessses that gives you the tools to achieve your financial destiny. These include:
  • Meet new prospects - thousands of internet marketers meet here.
  • Create your own group - give exposure of your business or opportunity and meet new customers.
  • Twitter link - post messages to Twitter directly from Swom - put your marketing on auto-pilot!
  • Affiliate program - generous 70% payout on commissions in an advanced social networking affiliate program!
Full details here.

How can you make money with Swom?
When you join Swom, you are given a personalized referral link. You can use this to refer friends, family and colleagues to Swom and receive commissions if they subsequently upgrade. If you upgrade to SWOM GOLD membership, you can then enjoy many other benefits such as building unlimited GROUPS, getting greater exposure to other SWOM members, earning more community points that accumulate to make money for you.

Full details here.

How much can you earn?
There are 5 main ways of earning commissions:
  1. $15 Instant Referral Bonuses: You will receive $15 for every new personal referral that upgrades to Gold membership, paid in the first month after they upgrade. 
  2. Ongoing Residual Referral Bonuses: You continue to receive $5 every month from the second month onwards for each of your Gold referrals - every month - as long as they remain Gold! 
  3. 'Gold Evangelist' Bonuses: You may connect with new or existing free members and help them upgrade to Gold membership. To qualify you must send each of them at least one personal wall post message (not email) to help them upgrade to Gold. You message must be helpful and you must take care not to spam. Your message may contain your testimonial on Swom, its benefits or just a friendly offer to help them use Swom - it must contain the word 'Gold' and must not contain any other links/URL. For every member that subsequently upgrades within 30 days of your message, you will automatically receive 10 shares in the 'Gold Evangelist' Bonus Pool!
  4. Community Participation Bonuses: You can earn commissions month after month just for participating in what you love - the Swom social network! To earn shares in the Community Participation Bonus Pool, you need community points. Community points are a rough measurement of how much contribution you have made towards the Swom community. To gain community points, make new connections and interact positively with other Swom members.
  5. Gaining visibility for your own opportunities: You can promote your products or affiliate products using the Biz Ops option in your profile.
Full details here.

How can you get paid?
You can request payout via Alertpay or by postal check. 

With time and dedication, you can build thousands of connections that can earn you a significant income.
Register today at SWOM, upgrade to GOLD membership and start earning residual income.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make Money with Squidoo

Squidoo is a content website where subscribers create one page "lenses" about any topic they choose. Lenses are pages, kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles, that gather everything you know about your topic of interest--and snap it all into focus. Making a lens is as easy as posting to blog. One can always edit and change anything on his/her lens.

When I first heard about Squidoo, I considered it as jsut a source of information with great articles in different categories. I did not know that Squidoo can really earn you some money. But now it's my dream website. It allows me to publicize my blogs and affiliate links. Most people are not seeing the great income potential at Squidoo even though it's free to sign up and making lenses on Squidoo. Squidoo has an amazing traffic. Squidoo is a great place for traffic generation. I think it's easier to get ranked on the first page of google search results with squidoo lenses than any other websites or blogs. So, if you can make a good lens then you have a great potential to earn good income.

There are many ways one can earn money using Squidoo. Squidoo offers programs that enables lensmasters to earn revenue through lead generation, affiliate sales, traffic to its partner/affiliate sites etc.

  1. Promote your website to get traffic:  Getting traffic to your website means getting some money. Squidoo provides a great opportunity for bloggers or webiste owners to promote their blogs/webistes. Site owners can put as many links of their webistes as they can on squidoo lenses they create. If your lense is of a great quality it can even be shown on Squidoo homepage. You can also get a good link if you are in the top lenses for your category. A lot of webmasters use one or more Squidoo lenses to advertise their websites and get free backlinks and a bigger audience for their business. 
  2. Adsense Revenue:  Squidoo displays some google advertisements on your lenses. Google Adsense is one of the monetizing methods used on Squidoo. This is the easiest way to make money on Squidoo as it shares some of the Adsense revenue with the lense masters. So, make more and more popular lenses and earn good shares from Squidoo's adsense revenue. 
  3. Modules: There are different modules where people are selling things from: Amazon, eBay, CafePress etc which will also generate some money to the lens master. Just try to make those modules relevant to your lens topic. If you are not an affiliate of these websites, you can still use these modules; you may not make much money from these on a single lens, but if you want to avoid signing up to a lot of affiliate programs and still earn money from them, these modules are well worth adding to your lens. 
  4. Money From Affiliate Marketing: If you are an affiliate of a particular product/products, you can promote those products by placing some links to the products in your lens. 
  5. Promote your own items: You can sell anything you like on Squidoo. If you are running an online store which sells some items, you can promote it here on Squidoo. Squidoo lets you disaply photos of the items you are selling. You just create a lens that is related to the theme of your online store, use the built-in functions of adding eBay and/or CafePress items, choose items that you wish to promote - then publish and share your lens.

How to start?
Following are the basic steps one must follow to start earning money on Squidoo.

  1. Register at Squidoo and follow the instructions for creating your lenses. 
  2. Choose a topic and start a lens on that topic. 
  3. In order to get paid when your Squidoo lens generates some income, you should open a Paypal account if you don't already have one. If you want the money earned by your Squidoo lens to be sent to you, don't forget to set up your account so that 100% of your lens' earnings go to your Paypal account; if you want to give the money to charity, you are free to do so as well by selecting the right payment option. 
  4. Update your lens regularly. While you can set it and forget it, you'll have a better chance of ranking well in both Squidoo and with the search engines if you add some fresh content to your lens on a regular basis. 
  5. You can promote your lens by submitting it to various article submitting sites.

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