Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Earn money with Clicksia

Clicksia is a pay-per-action membership site that pays its members for doing different tasks.

As a member of Clicksia, there are a few ways one can earn money. You can earn money by clicking on some links, by singing up for the offers provided on the site. Another interesing idea I like in this site is that if you have a website, you can earn credits to have your site surfed. To earn these credits, you have to surf other sites for a certain amount of time.

Clicksia pays you the most when you signup for the offers provided. It pays you $.01 per offer. It pays you $.01 to $0.05 for clicking on links and visiting their advertiser websites. You can request a payout at only $1 which is a good thing for many guys.

This site seems to be a legit one. It has been there for a long time.

Start earning with Clicksia. Register here.

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