Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Programs discussed till now

I started this blog with the intention of sharing some ways to start earning money online. So far, I have discussed some of the programs you can get started to make some money.

1. Making money with Paypal: To earn money with Paypal, all that you have to do is to already have an account(business account) at Paypal and refer others to join Paypal. Once your referrals start sending or receiving money you will earn some commission.

2. Making money with Geostring, which generates cash for the length of your string of contacts and their contacts. The key to making money here is to increase your string length. Once you register an account at GeoString, they give you $10 instantly credited to your account. Go to , register a free account, get yourself credited $10 instantly, start spreading the word to your friends through all the possible ways like emails, social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut etc and start earning some cash.

3. Making money with Clicksia, a pay-per-action site that pays its members for doing different tasks. Register here to start earning with Clicksia.

4. Making money with Buxlife, a pay to click site that pays its members to click on some websites. Register your free account now at to start earning with Buxlife. It has some nice features like traffic exchange which will be helpful if you have your own website/blog.

5. Making money with digital photos.

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